There have been many great athletes throughout history. However, only a select few could be considered iconic legends worthy of being called amongst the greatest of all time. The following brief blog examines some of these personalities.


Roger Federer (Tennis)

Hailing from Switzerland, Federer has won an astounding 15 Grand Slam (comprised of the French Open, Wimbledon, the US Open and the Australian Open), as well as countless other competitions. Additionally, he has overcome injuries and has maintained his dominant style over an extended period.


Michael Jordan (Basketball)

After entering the National Basketball Association (NBA) after an illustrious collegiate career at the University of North Carolina, Jordan morphed into a professional sensation with his slick moves and highlight reel dunks. However, as he matured, he led the Chicago Bulls to six championships and was named league Most Valuable Player an amazing six times. That said, he is famous for almost always nailing a clutch shot and possessing the uncanny ability to defend star players as well as he could score.


Babe Ruth (Baseball)

When it comes to iconic personalities, few are remembered in the same light as Ruth. This iconic New York Yankee still sits in the top of almost every major offensive category. Additionally, he was just as dominant as a pitcher.


Muhammed Ali (Boxing)

Many sports experts, as well as the late heavyweight champion himself, would categorize Ali as the greatest. Ali possessed a combination of intelligence, athleticism, and power that enabled him to remain at the top of the competitive sport for almost two decades.


Pele (Soccer)

The Brazilian standout dominated in international play (winning three world cups for his native nation between the late 1950s and early 1970s. Moreover, he was a standout in team play in the Brazilian league scoring more than 600 goals. Pele subsequently went on to star for New York Cosmos and is remembered for his speed, agility, and footwork.


Wayne Gretzky (Hockey)

Since his entry into the National Hockey League (NHL) as a teenager, Gretzky (or the great one) set numerous records for goals and assists and still stands at or close to all-time leaders in these categories.


Tom Brady (Football)

The New England Patriots Quarterback has won six Super Bowls. He is regarded as one of the most clutch performers in any sport and continues to dominate into his forties.


Jim Thorpe (General)

Thorpe dominated on the gridiron (football field) and as a decathlete (winning gold at the 1912 Stockholm Summer Games). Moreover, he was just as dominant at lacrosse, baseball, wrestling and ballroom dancing.


Tiger Woods (Golf)

Arguably cementing his status in this list following his recent victory in the master’s tournament, Woods has been a dominant presence since taking the Professional Golfers Tour (PGA) by storm in the late 1990s. Even more impressive is how he has battled certain demons to return to top form.


Marit Bjorgen (Female-Olympian)

Bjorgen, a cross-country skiing legend from Norway has won more Winter Olympic medals than any other competitor. Furthermore, she has accomplished this feat over more than a decade.