Over the past five years, we have seen a steady influx of startups. These entrepreneurs have created innovative products and services that made our lives more flexible and easier. They also provided interesting investment opportunities. Below are the top ten most impressive startups this year.  


  1. TenX

Here’s a team of professionals who’re riding the major trends of cryptocurrencies by providing an integrated debit card. Having your account balances converted into the right amount and currency type are a matter of the settings you choose.


  1. Mezzofy

Coupons are helpful for getting discounts, but Mezzofy is designed for developers. Organizing a coupon campaign could result in a lucrative opportunity. This startup provides the necessary templates and automation tools that you need.


  1. Oriente

This emerging brand provides structured tools to make banking and finance easier for world citizens who lack common access to money management services.


  1. CallHealth

The money that CallHealth is raising is making a big stir in the marketplace, for what it provides is health care services in the form of a flexible franchise. These services give patients access to medications, nurses, doctors and medical testing.


  1. Brex

The corporate world actively uses debt to fund its operations, and Brex is the next-level credit card for corporate businesses. Its unique credit account is protected from fraud and is supported by its partnership with Mastercard.


  1. Snowflake Computing

The expanding industry for wireless cloud services is being invigorated by the “data warehouse” of Snowflake. This brand’s objective is to innovate how information is managed through data sharing and reasonable costs.


  1. Good American

The clothing sizes that this retailer provides give it a unique group of customers to serve. The business was created by Khloe Kardashian through various styles of jeans, bodysuits and exercise gear.


  1. Robinhood

You can expect to turn your savings into an investment with no commissions. This app is great for individuals who can’t invest for themselves but want to grow their wealth.


  1. Doordash

Doordash provides the consumer with a simple way of ordering their favorite foods for a safe, home delivery. The developer of this app is supported by a fleet of vehicles that pick up meals which aren’t normally delivered.


  1. Compass

Besides the $370 million that it raised in 2019, Compass makes real estate easier for the inexperienced buyer or seller. The firm solely works with residential real estate and a trained group of technology experts to provide the best real estate experience.