For individuals who are searching for the best investment firms to use in 2018, there are many great candidates. However, before deciding on a choice, a person needs to clarify their goals and strategies for investing.


When choosing a firm, it’s a good idea to ask the following questions:


– Are fees and commissions reasonable?

– Do they have a dedicated team of financial advisors?

– Are there any information resources or research tools available?

– Do they have a variety of products available?

– How is their investment performance?

– What is there customer support service like?

– Do they have any additional services such as estate planning?


The Best Investment Firms 2018


When looking at the best investment firms in 2018, four firms stand out from the crowd. Each has its own unique strengths that should be researched:


– Charles Schwab


Charles Schwab is a full-service brokerage. An investor can interact with their account in person, online or over the phone. They have over 300 offices in the United States and cater to both small and large investors.


$1000 is the minimum investment amount for a standard account. $5000 must be invested for a managed account, and $25,000 will qualify a person for a personal consultation regarding their portfolio.


– Edward Jones


This investment firm has over 13,000 offices throughout the United States. In addition, Edward Jones also has about 600 locations in Canada. Edward Jones is best suited for buy and hold investors.


The fees can be a little higher than other investment firms, especially if a person decides to frequently buy and sell the funds in their account.


Investors who are focused on long-term growth may find this firm the most suitable for their goals. It has many different financial advisors who can help provide guidance.


– Merril Lynch


Merrill Lynch offers a one-on-one experience for investors. This full-service investment firm has higher fees than a low-cost broker, but they do provide well-researched investment ideas.


This investment firm is owned by Bank of America. The majority of their financial advisors also have a CIMA designation, which is a Certified Investment Management Analyst.


A person would choose this type of investment firm if they want to work closely with one individual who has the ability to recommend investment choices, track goals and analyze performance.


– Fidelity Investments


Wealth management services and self-directed accounts are available at Fidelity Investments . Their fees vary widely for managed accounts. Fidelity offers flexibility.


An investor can maintain a trading account for short-term goals and a long-term account that’s managed. If an investor starts with $50,000, Fidelity will help design a retirement strategy. They also offer more complex management services when an investor funds their account with more capital.


Summing It Up


A person will have to decide which firm is best for them based on age, trends, investment goals and market conditions. Each firm has their unique advantages that make them stand out from the rest.