Working remotely can be scary to employers with much more limited one-on-one communication with their employees. Some fear incurring loss since there is minimum to no supervision; thus, neglecting their assignment. The fact is that remote working can be profitable once proper measures are taken with the right tools used. Below is a list of tools that guarantee a smooth business operation regardless of employees’ locations.

1. Use Google Suite

Google offers a wide range of tools at disposal from chat, video conferencing, among others. These applications ensure a business runs smoothly regardless of its location. With the internet, communication becomes easy since they can hold online meetings and ensure that employees are updated on any changes. Google suite guarantees streamlined communication.

2. Use Asana to Ensure Productivity

Since there is no in-person supervision, employees may be reluctant about their assignment, thus creating a tool that will keep them focused. Tools such as Asana come in hand in ensuring employees remain focused and productive with a virtual to-do list. Asana gives employees a target that has to be met daily; thus, they work to beat deadlines promoting productivity.

3. Connect with Employees through Zoom

It’s essential to communicate openly with isolated workers regularly since it helps in solving issues at hand. Although they may have different time zones, ensure the appropriate time to hold a meeting through Zoom. Tools like Zoom gives a business an open platform to communicate and exchange ideas on the company. Also, it assists in getting instant feedback on a rising issue that needs immediate attention. There is a flow of information; hence all workers are always updated in case of any changes.

4. Use Slack to Communicate

For a business to succeed, communication is critical. Remote workers may feel isolated in terms of communication since they can’t air emerging issues as soon as they arise. Using slack ensures that they regularly communicate and air their concerns more often. Problems that are not tackled during video conferencing can be raised through slack.

5. Use 15Five to Track Performance

Having a team working remotely has its challenges. 15Five helps keep up with employees’ performances, keeping the team motivated all year long with constant feedback and communication. It also allows for a business to easily recognize hardworking staff in a group setting.