Being in a leadership position is a difficult yet highly rewarding thing. Leaders have to wear many hats, from ensuring that the business meets its bottom line to helping employees be the best possible version of themselves in their roles and so much more. Even the most successful leaders find themselves coming face to face with new hurdles that they’re not sure how to approach at times. A great way to learn more about being a leader is by listening to a few podcasts. There are dozens of great leadership podcasts covering leadership in not only business but in family, philanthropy, religion and so much more. Here are a few of the best leadership podcasts available in 2022.

The Go-Giver

The concept of The Go-Giver, sharing a title with the book written by host Bob Burg, argues that focusing on giving back to others is the most profitable and fulfilling way to live and work. Every episode features a short thought-provoking interview. This is a great way to learn more about leadership and how to be a better leader.

The Nice Guys On Business

The Nice Guys On Business is all about sharing real-life stories and experiences that can be used to improve the lives of others. The key rule of the show is that it doesn’t limit the discussion. Doug is a great motivator and coach who encourages his listeners to turn off the negative tapes in their heads and focus on the positive. He believes that being able to lead a positive life is a vital part of being human.

The LEADx Show

The LEADX Show features interviews with some of the most prominent leaders in the world. Each episode ends with a challenge to the listeners to improve by trying out a specific idea from the show. This is a great way for people to get daily inspiration from the world’s best leaders.

Engaging Leader

The goal of this show is to provide a variety of practical advice and inspiration to help leaders develop a team that is engaged in their organizations. Each episode features a variety of topics that will help improve the productivity and culture of their organizations.

This Is Your Life

In his podcast, Michael Hyatt talks about the finer points of leadership and personal development, as well as the importance of setting goals and winning at work and life. He also provides advice and inspiration for aspiring leaders and elite professionals. This Is Your Life is a powerful tool for people who are looking to improve their skills and knowledge.