Blockchain, considered a highly anticipated technological phenomenon beyond cryptocurrency, has had profound consequences for all organizations struggling to manage databases and other aspects related to security, monetization, and even creativity.

The value of the blockchain applies to industries ranging from music to logistics. Indeed, it ranges from cognitive computing to the Internet of Things.

Yes, it is a wide-reaching technology that should unlock value within the world.

Further, it offers distributed collaboration capabilities, indisputable traceability, and updates to support low latency data that powers a wide range of use cases.

Every year, there will be a few trends that might be helpful for various organizations. As such, leaders may be looking for blockchain predictions for 2021, if so, view the next few points to see how it may help different organizations today.

Solving Blockchain Scalability Issues Through the Cloud
One of the most significant issues with the blockchain was the scalability issues. But in 2021, it should start to change.

Different aspects such as serverless computing architecture allow for countless machines for every individual node related to blockchain. This method is indeed a boon for organizations as it enables them to devote their resources to validate transactions with the decentralized ledgers.

This can allow for more progress, more security, more transparency and accountability on many organizational processes.

Serverless Methodologies
In 2021, new serverless methodologies will likely offer great benefits such as cost reductions that matter. It can be more flexible and provide more value to organizations.

Serverless computing and the blockchain are supposed to be compelling combinations as they embrace the overwhelming trend of event-driven architecture.

They are technologies that high levels of distributed frameworks, and they both work at the infrastructure level. While the former concept is stateless, the blockchain is stateful.

These technical components work together to complement each other and integrate at deeper levels.

The Notion of Data Privacy Comes to the Forefront
Data privacy is critical for the blockchain. Current technological trends seem to know too much about the individual. In some cases, it may be quite excessive. That can disturb individuals.

Consumers seek a certain level of data privacy and the blockchain may rise to the challenge in 2021 as more firms develop solutions to meet these privacy needs. Indeed, that is one of the main value points it can provide to the world today.

Undoubtedly, the year 2021 will come with several new trends. These are just a few blockchain-oriented points that are surely going to revolutionize different aspects of the world.